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Your Vitality Analysis & Report based on Bioresonance Testing


More than just an allergy and intolerance test, Bioresonance provides a complete Wellness Check.

Your Vitality Report is prepared from the results of  Bioresonance Test (a branch of Quantum Physics) and gives tons of info about what’s going on inside your body.

How can we explain Bioresonance? Scientific research has proven that each individual has its own energetic blueprint composed of various electromagnetic oscillations and that the human electric fields can be measured.

What this advanced system does is use these natural frequencies to offer a thorough wellbeing assessment. The Bioresonance Technology literally has a « conversation » with the body and is able to interpret its answers thanks to this process of resonance.

This scientific tool looks for stress and imbalance factors within our system. It also identifies food intolerances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, imbalances in the digestive system and intestinal flora, the body’s reaction to toxicity and the energetic disruptions in our organs.

And all this from a simple hair sample.

Your Hair Analysis – What Is Tested?

Well over 150 foods are tested for in this comprehensive hair analysis plus vitamin and mineral deficiencies and many other important areas. The test results provide a guide as to which health issues may need to be addressed, including:

Food Sensitivities ~~ Vitamin Deficiencies ~~ Mineral Deficiencies
Digestive System ~~ Energetic Response to Toxins and Pathogens
Immune Response ~~ Organ Health (disruption of energetic balance)
Hydration ~~  Acid Balance ~~ Gut Flora ~~ Suggested Dietary Adjustments ~~ Suggested Supplements

 Your Report

From your results I prepare one of the most personalised reports available on the market. Not only will it highlight any health issue which requires attention (energetically), I also offer detailed menu ideas, shopping lists and a list of contacts that will help you in your quest for enhanced health and wellbeing. I am renowned for my attention to detail and commitment to giving the most bespoke advice to my clients.

My ultimate aim is for you to understand what your body is trying to communicate and how you can help heal it.

Package Analysis, Complete Vitality Report & 2 hour Consultation 395€

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