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Transformational Coaching


In a world where information is king, I quickly realised that knowledge didn’t automatically lead to action. Why?  Because we all have inside us a kind of internal programming, learnt since tender childhood that leads our actions mainly on a subconscious level.

Transformational Coaching allows us to work together to eliminate those dysfunctional beliefs and behaviours that block our objectives and to dig deeper beyond our natural resistance to change so as to create long-term transformation. Wow!

What’s skin got to do with all this? Well, let’s remind ourselves that skin is a mirror of what goes on inside our body.  Sometimes our “internal programming” comes in the way of health promoting habits like feeding ourselves well and moving our body in a consistent way!

It’s therefore gradually that we are going to work at optimising your whole system. So, how does an optimally functioning body translate? It means easy and smooth digestion, balanced intestinal flora and hormones, sleep from which you awaken refreshed and steady levels of energy throughout the day.

Over a number of weeks, I help you achieve your desired goals, get to a level of wellbeing and balance that will show in how you look and feel.   In this journey (with me as your part cheerleader, part tough love coach) you will develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that suit YOU best and leave behind some of the beliefs which you have been holding for a long time and which you no longer need.

And you will develop the long term changes that will help you restore your health and give your skin the glow and authentic beauty which you dream of. That’s why we call it Transformation.

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