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The Learn & Brunch Workshop at Your Home


Do you want to share a moment of joy with your friends whilst learning about the foods and rituals to help you have boundless energy or a fantastically glowing and healthy skin? And this, around a healthy and delicious brunch?

If so, why not organise a Learn & Brunch workshop at your own home?

It’s simple. You gather a few friends and I do the rest.

What is the Learn & Brunch workshop?

It’s a practical and interactive workshop that I created to learn about health in a fun way.

Why? Because I don’t think health is meant to be this complicated. And when you attend this kind of practical workshop you get to feel (and taste!) this truth for yourself. What appeared complex to understand AND to put into practice, you realise is not.

You come away with tips you can apply right away – it could be recipes, rituals, foods or a bit of everything.

It’s the kind of workshop that leaves you REARING TO GO rather than just thinking about it.

You choose a health theme of your liking – could be detox, glowing skin, energy every day – others are possible, let’s talk.

What do we learn?

The foundations to have a natural healthy glow and to have the kind of energy and mindset that enable you to lead the life you desire. You discover the foods that optimize your wellbeing, the boosting superfoods, the transforming rituals.

For whom?

It’s for you if you dream of learning the basic steps of a healthy lifestyle – simple, joyful, creative, healthy and transformative. Discover the tips so as not to suffer from debilitating cravings and hunger pangs, to have a spring in your step right from morning and more.

The programme

  • How to make healthy smoothies
  • What foods to have radiant skin and fabulous energy
  • Transformative foods and superfoods
  • Tips for making simple and quick and delicious food that has you feel amazing
  • Q&A and personalised attention
  • Healthy and yummy brunch

The offer

5 friends + you - 50€ per pp. (free for you the hostess)

6+ friends - 45€ per pp (free for you the hostess)

Payment : cash or cheque

So simple

I bring everything – the brunch, the equipment (very adapted to small Parisian kitchens by the way!), the food and the superfoods. I might just ask you if I can borrow your cutlery for the occasion. That’s all.


You invite a minimum of 5 friends. For 3 hours of joyful self-care.

Together we create a moment of joy, of sharing and learning around health and vitality. And we eat yummy food!