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Free your voice and emotional blockages whilst letting go of your physical symptoms

Where you’re at right now:

  • You are at a crossroads in your life where your physical symptoms (pain in the body, weight issues, skin, hormones out of balance) have become unbearable.
  • You have tried everything – quick-fix methods, drastic diets, varied creams and potions and nothing has worked.
  • You know deep within that behind your symptoms lie emotional blockages and that it is those that have been preventing your healing.


Physically what you are after is:

  • Freedom from your symptoms!
  • A body weight they you are happy and feel good in
  • Balanced hormones
  • A smooth, pain-free digestion
  • A skin that is radiant and healthy
  • Freedom from pain (back, joints etc.)


“I am in charge of what I eat, I self-regulate.

And it doesn’t have to do with choosing between deprivation OR wellbeing”


Emotionally what you want more than anything is:

  • Having a body and mind in synch
  • Finding your true self
  • Daring to be yourself
  • Expressing your voice
  • Taking the space you are meant to take
  • Expressing your true potential



Me too, I’ve always known that all the hurts and symptoms I’ve had (dermatitis, unbalanced hormones, painful periods, weight obsession etc.) required me to on the one hand make changes in my food and my lifestyle habits but not only.

I’ve always known that my emotions, my wounds and blockages were absolutely involved.  That they too needed healing.


 “More than 4 months without sugar compulsions, even when I am constantly surrounded with temptations.  I don’t even fancy it. Even at the office when colleagues keep offering me chocolate and biscuits.”


My unique formula based on nutrition, transformational hypnotherapy and coaching allows me to:

  • Access and transform emotional blockages and the suppressed emotions at the source of your symptoms
  • Target your body’s nutritional needs and properly and gradually rebalance your body
  • Coach, inspire and support you in your external and internal transformation



« By unravelling my old limiting patterns, I have felt my own growth.  I feel stronger to go through life’s storms”



  • Freedom / reduction of physical symptoms – thanks to this double work: emotional and nutritional reset.
  • The application of the kind of energising nutrition that suits YOUR
  • The adoption of new lifestyle habits that fit into your life.
  • Freedom from limiting beliefs and emotions (conscious or unconscious) like “I am not enough”, “I don’t matter”, “I am less XX than other women”, “I am powerless”.
  • Freedom from deep limiting emotions like shame, guilt that are hidden in some physical symptoms.
  • Where you would have blocked out your expression or would have taken a back seat, you will find yourself expressing yourself with more ease and authenticity. YOUR VOICE IS FREED.


“I dare say things, I express myself.

I’ve learnt how to say no.”



  • Convinced that healing starts with accepting and taking responsibility in one’s own life and choices.
  • Wanting to fully invest yourself fully in your healing journey.
  • Wanting to discover and free yourself from old limiting patterns
  • Committed to being your most authentic self with me, your coach. To go forward in your holistic health and wellbeing, you are looking for the kind of communication based on non-judgment, open-mindedness, “everything is possible”.
  • Committed to engaging yourself fully in the exploration of new habits (food, lifestyle, exercises, experimentations etc.) to discover what is right for YOU.



  • Wanting to be rescued more than be empowered to take the right actions.
  • Looking for a strict nutritional program under a particular label.
  • Not wanting to commit fully to doing the necessary work: exercises, experimentations, exploration of a new way of being and doing.
  • Not open to keeping a spirit of curiosity and self-love and compassion in this inner transformation work.


To discover the most suitable program for your needs and to discuss your dreams and objectives, book a free telephone discovery session.

I’m all ears!

«  I really wanted to thank you for everything.

On a psychological level I have taken giant steps and especially in regard to the relationship I have with myself and towards all the demands I put on myself.  I am so much more relaxed J.

Thanks to this, I’ve actually had a fantastic summer, allowing myself to do only things that brought me joy and doing with just for pleasure (…)

And by the way, my eczema is so much better, ma digestion too and my friends keep going on about how incredible my skin looks these days.”  Anne

« There have been so many improvements AND they are on several levels too.  First, emotionally, I have been able, thanks to this program, to detach myself from the sense of guilt I used to have.  It’s just enormous!  Marielle with the hypnotherapy helped me perceive the patterns I had that no longer had any reason to be.   

The name of the game is not to judge oneself, but to press on a kind of “reset” button.  From that, because we don’t feel that weight of responsibility, we find the strength to make and express the decisions that are really our own. 

This is what happened to me both on professional AND intimate levels.  Physically, it’s fabulous, I feel on top form, I’ve practically stopped all sugar, I eat with pleasure, I feel light and especially alive!” Marion

 “ My biggest progress?  Self-confidence, the discovery of my true personality, more authenticity in my relationships with others.  Physical pains gone, migraines, stomach acidity, less joint pains.  My new food habits give me more comfort in my sports activities and in my everyday life, sleep quality recovered. 

All these changes have indeed helped improve my family and friends’ relationships.” Nathalie

« Bloating is gone, the shape of my body keeps changing – the top of my tummy, my bottom, my profile… it gives me wings!

My back doesn’t hurt as much, I’m able to walk faster, I have much more energy.

I feel the impact of this work in other domains too: I feel like I “endure less”, I take the reins of my life. I continue to challenge myself but in a way that is more proactive rather than reactive.

By allowing myself to step back, which makes me more performant, more useful, more impactful. Before, I was in a constant state of apnoea.

Now I’m less irritable, more chilled.

I’m more aligned with myself.

And I’ve been able to put in place other self-development activities like singing classes.» Béatrice

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