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THE key-phase to change your body – and it’s not in your plate!

When we start a detox, a diet or another wellbeing project, we tend to think about concrete things like the food we’re gonna eat, the exercise we’re going to do etc. We may anticipate a few dishes or book some exercise classes ahead of time…

But there is an aspect we tend to forget and that can lead to our failure.

Success starts …. in the head, not in the plate!

It’s by preparing yourself mentally that we give ourselves the best chances.

If you want to succeed, so that it may not become the umpteenth experience that leads to nothing, you must not only give yourself clear objectives but also give them a kind of emotional pull by asking yourself “why is it so important for me to succeed this? More precisely, you must answer this question “what will going through this CHANGE in my life?”

So, why is answering this question SO crucial ?

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

Because your mind needs this type of information to understand what is your most coveted, precious DESIRE/OBJECTIVE.

One of your mind’s first roles is to give you what it thinks YOU want most in the world.

And how it learns that is through the words you use.

The words you use form images in your head.

Now, understand that depending on your culture, your mindset, your conditioning, the same word can give 2 very different images.

I’ll give you this clear example:

Imagine a steak.

Now, see yourself as a vegan (which you might be as a matter of fact) …

What image(s) come to you? Blood? Animals and other scenes that leave you with a feeling of revolt, of disgust? All thoughts have a physical effect on our body (consciously or unconsciously) so you may even want to vomit or have a bad taste in the mouth…

Now, see this same steak from the perspective of an omnivore (if that’s you, hello!).

What images and sensations come to you now? A juicy and gorgeously red piece of meat? A happy moment around the table? A delectable smell? This picture in your head might even cause your mouth to salivate and hear stomach gurgling sounds?

Spot the difference?

ONE WORD… and so many different images depending on your angle, your programming, your thoughts…

Because, for your life to become easier (yes!), here is a truth to really understand about the mind: it doesn’t carry ANY judgment whatsoever on your thoughts.

It doesn’t care if something is right or wrong, good or bad. It just follows your words and mental images… and more than that, it takes them as instructions to be followed TO THE LETTER. Because it believes that whatever thought you have, that must mean that’s what you desire.

When you think thoughts and they form images in your head (this is a natural process), your mind believes you are showing it your GRAAL. Your most desired wish.

The mental images of a vegan are so clear that she will have no difficulty whatsoever pushing away a steak. The mental images of a carnivore will cause her mouth to salivate.

“Wait, you tell me! But these images I give myself, the words I say to myself everyday where I feel sad, disappointed, tired, listless, hating my body and my reflection in the mirror etc., that’s not AT ALL what I want!

I know what you’re saying and I understand.

We unconsciously tend to think in this “negative bias” because we find it easier to think and talk about what we don’t want, what is not going well in our life. So, it’s super important to clarify things for our mind’s sake. For our sanity and success, it’s time we start telling our brilliant mind what it is we want, what is really dear in our heart : )

Marisa Peer founder of the RTT hypnotherapy says,

“We are told that communication with others is the most important thing in life but what we don’t get told is that the way we communicate with our mind IS the most important thing there is.”


That sentence was a real revolution for me – and my clients.

So, what do you do when you realise that what you tell your mind all the time is how unhappy you are right now – not at all how you want to be??

Then what you want to do is give it new images, new words – glorious images of YOU having achieved your dearest objective and desire.

Yes, you must project yourself having ALREADY achieved your objectives.

The way you communicate with your brain is THE MOST IMPORTANT step to succeed

By aligning yourself with your brain, you ensure yourself the success you desire by:

  • Creating within you the motivation and mindset of a WINNER.
  • Triggering the right bodily reactions towards healthy foods
  • Developing indifference towards the foods that prevent positive results

Another great thing?

It’s a fantastic virtuous circle – cultivating that positive frame of mind causes your brain to bring in more positive images : )

In my programmes we automatically start with this projecting step. I teach my clients to immerse themselves in that winning mindset from the start and it changes everything. AND with hypnotherapy it’s even easier : )

If YOU want to install within you the mindset of a winner in order to create the kind of inner vision that will have you go further and create the body and the mind that you’ve been dreaming of, let’s speak. I’ve created my coachings to combine both the emotional AND the nutritional work and my goal is to free you from physical symptoms and compulsions once and for all.

Apply here for a discovery session.

To your winner’s mindset!

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