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Some treat recipes for the summer – healthy and yummy

As summer continues, it feels so amazing to take the time to just be! I hope you are having a fabulous time and if not on holiday that the general rhythm is a little lighter for you.

This week I wanted to round up some treat recipes – little sweet nothings that give pleasure to our tastebuds – but without destroying our energy and vitality. Don’t know about you, but I personally looooove win-win situations!

Creamy desserts

I love desserts made with agar-agar, this seaweed that turns creams into jellies in a few minutes. The way to use this powder (easily bought even in supermarkets these days) is simple: you whisk the powder into the hot liquid until it’s well absorbed. You take it off the heat and let it cool and it’s then that the jellification happens. So, making it is super fast and then it does its thing whilst you go about your day. Looove that!

My cardamom coconut panna cotta is a sexy little dessert and nice and melt in the mouth thanks to the addition of coconut cream.

This new dessert is a kind of upgrade of this. They are exotic mango and coconut cubes, made with one layer of mango jelly superposed with another layer of coconut jelly. It’s super pretty and I think you will love it. Let me know and send me your pictures if you do!

Chocolate desserts

This avocado chocolate mousse is a mix of two main ingredients – cocoa powder (raw if you can find it) and avocado to give it the natural creaminess. Plus it’s ready in seconds in a blender. Yeah!

Do you love brownies? I have two recipes to share – one is cooked – this sticky brownie is gluten free, fudgy textured made with the addition of an unexpected ingredient which goes undetected. I let you discover it!

The other is a raw brownie with superfoods and for this one, you can choose how you present it – brownie squares or energizing balls? Because with their superfoods they give you all the energy you need this summer.

Chia puddings perfection

I add these little magical seeds that are so full of anti-inflammatory omega 3s not only in smoothies but also in these chia puddings which you can customize with fresh or dry fruit. All mixed in or in layers to make them pretty. Super fun to make with kids.

And this express raspberry chia jam is made in minutes in a blender. As a compote-like jam on one of my breads for a nice breakfast treat or as a coulis served with the panna cotta or as a layer to the coconut chia pudding. A double chia experience!

Crunchy gluten free granolas

I thought I’d add a couple of granola recipes – a few mums told me that they had enjoyed taking the time to prepare big jars of it with their kids. It’s easy to make, quite tactile and fun if you mix in the ingredients with hands but the main advantage is the incredibly tantalizing smell that wafts out of the oven!

You can choose between the sublime gluten free buckwheat granola and the apple cinnamon quinoa granola. Both keep for a good month in a sealable jar.

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I hope you get to try and enjoy some of these recipes! Send me a picture via Instagram or Facebook if you do – it really fills me with joy to see your creations : )

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To your feeling and looking amazing naturally this summer!

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