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My sweet & savoury courgette recipes

If there is one ingredient that tends to be abundant in summer, it’s the courgette – long, round, yellow, green, petite or if left alone… enormous!

Of course, typically we can cook it in a ratatouille or fry slices of it alone or add long slivers of it to the BBQ (preferably marinated with some olive oil, lemon juice herbs and garlic) or even grate it to make a last minute salad with a few nuts, some avocado cubes and a little dressing.

We can also put it in recipes I have already shared with you this month – this quiche or in my courgette and avocado cold soup.

But we can also choose to be a little cheekier and add it to unexpected savoury or even sweet recipes. Wow!

Fun fritters / pancakes

In their savoury version, my small courgette fritters will the fun side dish to a nice piece of fish for instance. Make it bigger to cover the whole frying pan and you have a funky pancake which you can use like a tortilla and fill with some spicy fried vegetables and then roll it like a big cigar before devouring. The kind of TGIF recipe I love to celebrate the arrival of the weekend!

I often leave a little of the batter behind and turn it into some small dessert pancakes (green coloured!) drizzled with a little maple or yacon syrup. A perfect end to the dinner to left to enjoy for brunch on a Sunday! My recipe and my tips are right here.

Pasta-like courgetti

These are actually spiralised courgettes. You don’t have a spiruliser? No problem. You can use your regular vegetable peeler and make tagliatelle-like ribbons. It always amazes me how changing the presentation of a food or dish makes such a difference and excites tastebuds differently.

Here is the recipe of my courgette spaghetti with pesto. You can eat it cold or lightly warmed up.

Surprising courgette desserts

Who would have known a few years back that we would add courgettes to our sweets?

Here they are hidden in soft and spongy gluten free banana courgette muffins. Make those with children!

And here you’ll find it in pieces in my courgette pistachio & lime cake.

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I hope you get to try and enjoy some of these recipes! Send me a picture via Instagram or Facebook if you do – it really fills me with joy to see your creations : )

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To your feeling and looking amazing naturally this summer!

To receive tried and tested health tips that you can use immediately to improve your wellbeing, click « Subscribe! » here:

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