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My best recipes for the summer

This august, every week I am going to round up some of my recipes to give you some inspiration to cook simple, healthy and super tasty food.

Today I start with some main meal inspiration. Next week will be my gazpachos (green and red!). Then it will be time for some sweet – but healthy – treats.


Then I will give you some fabulous recipes that use one of our abundant summer veggies – the courgette. Some of them are pretty adventurous and there will be both sweet and savoury dishes!

And as we approach the end of summer you may fancy to get more hands on in the kitchen and I will round up all my different gluten free breads …. And a fantastic tortilla recipe too : )


We’re talking flavoursome, punchy, filling and nutritionally balanced salads here.

The lightest is the beetroot broccoli and lacto-fermented tofu salad. The vegetal protein comes from the quinoa base.

Also based on quinoa, this is the roasted vegetables quinoa salad – veggies can be oven roasted or thrown on the BBQ. Delicious intense flavours!

The seasoning is full of zing thanks to the chimichurri sauce, my favourite salsa verde type sauce. Make some at the beginning of summer and you’ll be able to add it to so many dishes – as marinade to fish, meat, veggies or tofu… A generous dollop of it added to your homemade humus will not only make it pretty, it will give it the taste of summer thanks to your choice of herbs – basil, dill, parsley… you choose).

One of the advantages of this courgette and dried tomato lentil salad is that it gets even nicer one or two days after it’s made simply because flavours will have a chance to amalgamate. Dried tomatoes and courgette will give it a real summer flavour too.


Like most Frenchies I love quiches. Served with a green salad, savoury quiches make for a balanced tasty meal and the filling is up to you, really – your preferences and what is seasonally high in flavour right now.

I give you two recipes – one without the pastry base and with different vegetable options. And the other does come with pastry, this one filled with onion, courgette and sweet potato. Both are gluten free of course.

The cold fish bake

In summer I really like to make this cold tomato tuna bake. It’s simple to make and best made in advance so you can serve it cold in nice thick slices with a green or mixed salad, some good quality homemade mayo or like I did here with a little homemade humus flavoured with paprika and grilled peppers.

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I hope you get to try and enjoy some of these recipes! Send me a picture via Instagram or Facebook if you do – it really fills me with joy to see your creations : )

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To your feeling and looking amazing naturally this summer!

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