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Looking for great gluten free breads? I’ve got 5 for you!

As summer comes to a close you might fancy getting back in the kitchen and getting hands on with some new recipes. Do you know that I have, over time, concocted for you 5 gluten free bread recipes?

To get to those 5 has taken some time because each recipe had to be tested … and re-tested before being part of the “approved lot”. So today I am so happy to share them with you. Some of you might know my first bread – we call it the “Happiness bread” in France. If you do, I invite you to check out the other recipes : )

The amazing gluten free quinoa bread

Today I am still surprised by the success of my gluten free quinoa bread. People – known and unknown – tell me how they love it – making it, having breakfast or soup or avocado with it, sharing it with their friends, their family – it’s wonderful! `

As for me, it’s the one I always have in my freezer. I get a couple of slices out whenever I feel the need for some avocado toast or a little jam on bread treat.

If you don’t know it, it’s dense, flourless, a mix of quinoa (or oat) flakes, nuts and seeds and its crucial ingredient is psyllium a type of fibre that binds everything together. My quinoa bread is super digestible (check out my trick!) and nutritionally balanced but the main thing is, especially once toasted, it’s absolutely delicious!!

The sweet potato bread

The sweet potato and buckwheat bread is a treat kind of bread – a little “gourmandise” – with its nutty taste and sweet flavour I love it with a creamy butternut soup or a red fruit chia jam.

The red lentil and rosemary bread

The first time I made the red lentil and rosemary bread I was wowed by its beautiful coral colour – even though it’s mostly lost during cooking. It came out of a passion for anything fermented which make foods more digest. Its making is quick, just a few minutes and it cooks in 30 minutes. But it’s the resting it (twice actually) that increases its digestibility. It’s a great bread for aperitive – dipping chunks into fresh olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Miam!

Tasty avocado and quinoa buns

Oh… these avocado and quinoa buns .. what a lovely surprise! Perfectly dense, a bit chewy, highly nutritional and moreish once toasted. Plus they are easy peasy to make.

You cut them in half like burger buns and can garnish them if you wish. Or for me, I love their mellow avo-quinoa flavour with a piece of robust goats’ cheese!

The quinoa tortilla

Most tortillas sold in France are wheat and gluten based and once more, I am so grateful for Alyssa of Simply Quinoa’s recipes – all based, you’ve guessed it on quinoa. This quinoa chickpea flour tortilla is fabulous – balanced in vegetal proteins, full of fibre and with a medium glycemic level.

Its secret ingredient? Psyllium powder just like the one I use in my quinoa bread above. In the tortilla, psyllium allows for a more supple texture so that it can easily be rolled. You can either garnish it as you wish – marinated then grilled / fried fish, prawn or vegetables on a layer of shredded lettuce for exemple – perfect for a fun Friday or week end meal.

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I hope you get to try and enjoy some of these recipes! Send me a picture via Instagram or Facebook if you do – it really fills me with joy to see your creations : )

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To your feeling and looking amazing naturally this summer!


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