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How freeing yourself from sugar gives you the glow

When we think of skin problems, our mind goes onto the creams we need first and foremost.

We might not think of how we feed our body may be implicated and we might view the food compulsions we have as an entirely separate matter.

That too much sugar is linked to acne is more and more accepted.

But today I want to add a psychological dimension – how a part of us can develop compulsions as a strategy to help us deal with a deep distress, often an old one that’s become unconscious.

“I feel freer and that’s exactly how I wanted to feel”


And how skin problems are also a reflection of this unease, accentuated by a deterioration of essential body systems – microbiome becomes unbalanced, inflammation increases, digestion suffers – all symptoms at the root of dermatitis, acne, eczema et also ageing of the skin.

The good news ? Getting rid of this addiction to sugar has an overall positive effect on skin.

Freeing yourself from sugar seems unacessible? It isn’t. Everyday I rejoice in helping women like you improve their relationship to food, not in having them hate sugar but by becoming indifferent to it.

The truth is, most of my clients have some sort of addiction or compulsive behaviour.

I get it because I had it too. For years and years, I went through yo-yo dieting and experienced bulimia too.

Why we develop compulsive behaviour

In my RTT sessions, when I regress clients, not only do we get to some meaningful events and go through the process of changing their meaning, we also get to find out the role and purpose of the compulsion.

Understanding the deep cause under hypnosis is one of the most powerful things because we get to understand how its “intention” has always been positive. For my clients, this behaviour has been there to help “protect” them, “feel loved”, “feel like they existed”, “feel like they weren’t judged”. Such is the power of food.

Do you want to be indifferent to sugar?

Understanding that is not enough though because what truly matters is that in this receptive state, we get to update our mind and our behaviour. This so incredible because that way, we get to see how powerful we are, and we get to start reprogramming our mind and our thoughts in a healthier way.

The work continues beyond the actual session as you get to listen to your own personalised recording that keeps reprogramming your mind and anchoring those new empowering beliefs. With Cell Command Therapy – CCT ™ included, we program your cells to regenerate faster and condition you to be indifferent to sugar or any other stuff you may be addicted to.

How it feels to be free of food compulsions

Since I’ve added RTT in my coaching programs I am touched by how powerful my clients’ transformations have been and that makes me so ecstatic and my work so purposeful!

“I’ve no longer got cravings, even when I’m surrounded with colleagues that eat sweet stuff”


“I’ve stopped eating between meals and it’s the most natural thing. I cook and am drawn to healthy foods”

“thanks to everything we’ve put together progressively, I have a healthier relationship to food, less cravings, more energy, I get to satiety quicker, I’ve lost 3kg and my digestion is the best it’s ever been”

“My addiction to chocolate is ancient history”

You deserve to have a healthy relationship with food

I know how maddening and crazy it makes us feel not to have proper control over food, I’ve been there.

That’s why in my coaching programs I combine both the RTT ™ Hypnotherapy and the Nutritional work. Having them both is amazing because as you get to feel free in your mind, you get to apply some simple healthy habits that change your life long term.

If this is the kind of holistic work you’ve been looking for, then let’s talk over the phone and find out if my programs are right for you.

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To your feeling and looking amazing naturally!

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