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Health Coaching Misconception No5 – « I’ll be hungry »

This is the last of my series of blogs on the misconceptions people tend to have about health coaching.

If you haven’t read them yet, here they are again on the fear to be overwhelmed with tons of supplements, the one about having to follow a strict diet or the idea that you have to be perfect and never stray ever again. Or this one – where you think you’ll not be able to follow through because you’re not a great cook.

And now let’s check this one – the fear of being hungry when following a health coaching program.

It’s not surprising really – whilst one of the first jobs of our reptilian brain is to protect us from famine, many of us have tried to control our weight by multiple diets or have suffered from eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia.

Put simply, many of us don’t have the healthiest relationship with our body and our appetite. Food is still a massive source of confusion!

If being hungry is one of your fears, read on to find how a personal health coaching program can help you.

Reconnecting with natural satiety by eating slowly

Here we all in need of some re-education! I certainly was the first to need to learn slow eating and chewing.

Why is this necessary? Well Lady Nature has gifted us a digestion mechanism that involves our brain being the master communicator to the rest of the body.

That salivation process when you see a food you love is there for a reason! Seeing, smelling, anticipating the food has even got a name – it’s called the “cephalic phase” and that’s where all the good stuff happens – enzymes are secreted by organs like the pancreas, the liver, even by your saliva. Oh, and your stomach makes tons of acid, which is really important to decompose and digest your food properly.

So we can say that it’s the brain that turns on appetite. And you know what? That also means it is the brain that turns it off. And for it to do that, it takes ideally twenty minutes. That means eating without checking emails and chewing well and long.

You’re probably going “yeah, heard it before”. But in truth, putting this into action does transform your meals. That’s why that’s a really important part of my coaching programs.

It’s actually easier done than it seems (but you must want it).

Some tips help like putting your knives and forks down and taking proper breaths – at least three times during the meal.

Actually, right now, do take a nice breath in … and out…. How do you feel? A little more relaxed? See how you can feel better in just a few seconds?

Why the breathing bit you ask? Well on top of increasing your metabolism (i.e. it burns calories faster!), taking a long breath brings you right back to the present moment and it becomes an easy, immediate trigger to chew slower and with more awareness. Think of chewing as a daily opportunity for some active meditation.

Reconnecting with natural satiety with hypnotherapy

When we were babies we didn’t have any qualms about pushing back food we didn’t want – we even happily projectile-vomited it! But as we grew up, some of us acquired the habit of using food to fill up the void we felt inside.

I’ll speak about it in more depth another time, but I have started to add sessions of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) in my programs and they’ve had a profound effect on my clients.

Transformational Therapy is the most perfect tool to not only explore compulsive or addictive behaviour, it also allows us to replace those detrimental habits with some that are in better alignment with who we are right now, with our current goals and desires rather than the ones linked to the fears we may have experienced as a growing up child / teenager.

Learning to eat enough

Sounds strange? That’s true. I actually advise many clients to eat more. Like Denise.

For fear of eating too much, she ate mainly salads and soups. Sometimes she might make herself a dish of pasta and tomato sauce – telling herself it would be less calories this way.

Discover your own magic plate

But the problem with Denise’s vision is that you can find yourself eating too many carbs, which gets insulin way up to deal with the arrival of sugar and then gets to dip, leading to sugar cravings. Your aim is to have a balance of macronutrients – not forgetting good fat, which is not your enemy.

What matters is to find YOUR ideal ratio of good proteins (animal or vegetal), good fat, good carbs – lots of veggies, leafy or not and also those that bring some consistency to your meal like sweet potato, buckwheat or beans.

In a coaching program, we make sure you get to find the « magic plate » for YOUR BODY by following some short experiments. We can’t all eat the same thing, it’s true. Give someone a buddha bowl and they’ll thrive but the next person will bend over in pain. It’s got to do with your microbiome, built over generations and as unique to us as your fingerprints.

Eating full and nourishing meals

Once you are clear with the food that suits you, everything becomes simpler. You eat what suit you. And to satiety. No diet. You learn to recognise the early hunger feelings so that you know when to prepare your meal or stop work. If necessary we can add some transformational hypnotherapy so you become indifferent to food when you’re not hungry. That’s how powerful it is to work with the unconscious mind.

And you cook. Simple food but high nutrition energising food.

Delicious but not so heavy that all you want to do is fall asleep after a meal. You’ve been feeling really well since you’ve started to put these little rituals in place. Like Mireille who decided not to endure anymore but to take responsibility for her life and health.

« Before, I used to be so ravenous at lunchtime that I would eat whatever I could lay my hands on, often late at around 3pm. Now I organise myself – I buy my lunch in good time so that I eat at 1pm latest. I have noticed that’s my peak eating time.

Later than that, and I am out of control. »
~ Mireille

You eat real, natural food like this butternut squash curry or this delicious vegetarian chilli, you marinate a fish or chicken fillet with some chimichurri sauce and serve it with vegetables galore.

Avocado toast with this high nutrition gluten-free bread fills you up nicely.

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