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Health coaching misconception No4 « i’ve got to be a great cook to eat healthy »

There is really no need to be a chef to cook and eat healthy.

I come from a traditional cooking family, but I have to say that this way of cooking now is MUCH simpler, more creative. That’s really good news because the goal is to keep things simple, adapt your recipes according to what you have on hand and that way ending up with your own creations!

Recipes that fit YOUR lifestyle

Recipes must foremost suit YOU.  My clients like some foods and hate others, often they have various intolerances, they either are comfortable in the kitchen or not at all.  They may have 20 or 45 minutes cook their meals – the aim is for you to have a plan that is personalised according to your wants, needs, constraints and objectives and, very importantly, I want your autonomy once I’m out of your life!

Making it all bespoke to you is « my fun ».   During cooking coaching sessions, you get to DO the cooking, with my guidance.  That really helps you remember the process best and takes the fears out of your head.  So far, everyone has ended up being surprised by how easy it actually was to replicate yummy recipes.

« Wow, so easy ! Why did I make a mountain out of it ? It was all in my head ! »
~ Justine

Cook once, eat twice … or three times

Even I don’t fancy cooking everyday.  Same with clients generally.  So what do we do? We prep.  We cook in greater quantity, we eat that once, then a second time the next day or the day after that (we don’t want to get bored with our food!) and we freeze a portion or two for another time.

Perfect for the Thai curry, the chili sin carne, the lentil salad.

One ingredient – several recipes

We love those indispensable basics: we cook more quinoa so we can make yummy mixed salads for lunch or as an accompaniment to our chili. In a sweetened version we heat it up with a bit of plant-based milk or add a little to our chia pudding to make it even more complete and filling.

And did you know you could freeze cooked quinoa, rice or lentils up to two months with no problem? So handy.

As a flexitarian when I roast a full chicken, it will serve us for about three meals plus I use the carcass to make broth and soup.  Either I do it on the spot or I bag it up and freeze it for another time.  A mug of broth at the beginning of a meal or as a morning or afternoon drink just feels so soothing and nourishing.  And it’s one of the best things if you want to heal leaky gut.

Bread if we fancy!

Whether it’s my gluten-free quinoa bread, the red lentil bread or the avocado and quinoa based buns, you slice them and freeze them in a freeze zip bag so that they are ready to put in the toaster when you fancy a slice.  It’s a life-changer!  That means guilt-free avocado toast, or you may want to serve it with delicious sugar-free red fruit chia jam, with high quality butter or ghee or some nut butter.  All recipes are high nutrition, easily digestible and so tasty.

« In the end, it’s so much easier than I thought ! »
~ Sophie

My recipes are all simple, healthy and tasty

They have to tick those three conditions and that’s non-negotiable. Food is one of the pleasures of life AND it is fuel too.  If you are like me, you’ll want to really enjoy your meals AND feel vital and energised afterwards.

So, I have plenty of recipes that can be done – with eyes closed – and when there is little time to spare of you have a famished family on hand.  It only takes a little organisation: dried herbs are full of good stuff so we always have some in cupboards. When we have a chance to buy big bunches of fresh herbs – parsley, coriander, basil etc – we make some zingy chimichurri sauce – it will give extra flavour and alkalising nutrition to various dishes – be the sauce for courgetti or lentil based pasta, a great marinade to a piece of fish or chicken, added to vinaigrette, a soup or a homemade humus or with a few cashew nuts will transform into a great veggie pesto. The great news is that it takes three minutes to make in a blender or Nutribullet and keeps for a good ten days in the fridge as long as it is covered with a layer of olive oil on top.

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Need help to achieve your health goals?

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To your feeling and looking amazing naturally this autumn !

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