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Health coaching misconception No2– « I’m gonna have to follow a strict diet»

So many of us have followed so many diets in our years that we simply can’t bear the thought of doing even one more. Rings a bell?

As a health coach I don’t impose a diet with a specific label – vegan, paleo, vegetarian etc – because there isn’t one diet that fits all. That is so true and I see it in all of my clients who have all their own specificities. So, to find out what is right for you, during the programme you get to do little experiments that help you reconnect with your body’s needs. Once you are in listening mode, you will find out how it messages you quite clearly actually! And the more you rebalance your body, the clearer the messages. It becomes quite instinctive, as Olivia says.

Step by step, Marielle shows you how to use your own instinct in how to feed your body – Olivia

A new relationship with food, with yourself

The vitality report that I prepare from the results of your hair analysis (bioresonance) is the starting point of the programme. With it you get to discover a multitude of interesting things about your body – your intolerances and deficiencies amongst other things but also whether your body manages to assimilate each and every nutrient. This is super important because after all the goal of eating well is to give you sufficient energy and drive to realise your projects and lead the life of your dreams.

It can be a real discovery or maybe you will tell me that yes, you knew that fats didn’t seem to go down well. Problems with assimilation actually leave traces. It can be in the big slump you experience every day at about 4pm – we’ll check the carbs situation here – or does your skin never seem hydrated even though you drink gallons of water and diligently rub rich cream all over, every day? It can mean that your body doesn’t take in the fats into its cells and we will have to sort that out.

Not the same plan for everyone

As your coach I recommend some changes yes. But to discover what truly suits you or not, I want you in the driver’s seat. Thanks to these experimentations, Christine realised that evening animal proteins left her with a stomach heaviness right till the next morning, so she avoids them. Olivia finds that evening salads are a bit rough for her system. Élisa now starts her days with a complete smoothie and not only do they give her energy through to lunch, with this and a few changes, she was delighted to lose 5kg with feeling any hunger.

Scared of starving?

We are many to have lost our hunger and satiety signals with our busy lifestyles. Reconnecting with those is an integral part of all rebalancing programmes. I’ll guide you to find your best eating slot and how to organise yourself so eating at this best time becomes a long-term habit. This is important because either by the time we eat we could eat a horse or we go beyond and ignore our stomachs only to be caught up later by enormous cravings.

These habits and others that have led you to self-sabotage your efforts and results, we will change them, one at a time, so that at the end of the programme you find yourself with, surprise surprise, lots of new habits that are easier to keep in the long term.

That was a real made to measure experience …. I now eat a varied diet, I take pleasure in eating and in being good to my health, and it’s actually much easier than I would have thought! – Sophie

A little tofu and three beans?

That’s a real fear – the fear to suffer torture, to never be able to feast ever again. I do understand, because I wouldn’t be able to do that either! Not to worry, I’ll show how to eat scrumptious and nutritious meals with my recipes that always are three things: simple, health and delicious.

All so that you can feast up AND feel great afterwards. And no need to be a top chef either (I’ll speak about it in a future blog).

Plenty of healthy, delicious and simple recipes

You’re really into Indian curries? Then check out this red lentil and coconut curry or this butternut squash and kale one. You can always add some tofu or chicken into it if you want.

Is it pizza that you adore? This quinoa pizza with artichoke hearts and sundried tomatoes is to die for. Quick to prepare, perfect for a Friday or Saturday night!

You want to nourish yourself in a light way so as not to impact your sleep? Then try this lip-licking quinoa salad with roasted vegs and chimichurri sauce or this lukewarm lentil and sundried tomato salad.

Giv’me bread !

No fretting, I’ve got some great little recipes for you. Will your favourite be this amazing gluten-free quinoa bread? Or the red lentil & rosemary bread?

Fancy some quirky little breads? My tasty quinoa and avocado buns are moist, dense and nutritious and just divine. Try them with this express chia red fruit jam! Maybe even with a little butter – that’s not so bad for us actually. I promise you, all you have to do is mix and bake. No complicated recipe.

Healthy desserts?

From simple chia puddings, to super healthy panna cotta with red fruit coulis, not forgetting healthy courgette and cashew muffins – melt in the mouth, gluten-free and luxurious. You will learn when and how to treat yourself 🙂

Need help to achieve your health goals?

Fed up with trying all the diets out there and being confused about what’s right for you? If so book a discovery session. It’s free. We’ll talk about what you’ve tried, how you’d like to feel and I will explain my made-to-measure approach. It’s all about taking small steps, one after the other so you get to feel the difference in your body, not just the head. That’s what works 🙂

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To your feeling and looking amazing naturally this summer !

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