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GF apple cinnamon quinoa granola

I don’t eat granola every day, more of a treat or when I have a fancy for it. But between my homemade ones – this one and my sublime buckwheat groats one – I know it’s healthy, balanced with good fats and proteins and won’t send my sugar levels rocketing high. This particular recipe starts…

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Pistachio lime courgette cake

This cake is a little twist on the carrot cake, with a little goat or coconut yogurt drizzle to jazz it up too J. Made with courgettes instead of carrots to give you a moist cake, gluten free flours are a mix of almond powder, quinoa and rice flours.  I always have quinoa flakes on…

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Gluten free Quinoa Crackers

I love my gluten free quinoa bread and I tend to always have some slices handy in the freezer. But this summer I wanted to make small crunchy crackers to serve with dips at aperitive time (!) – humus, seaweed tartar, sardines .. It can be quite difficult to find commercial ones without gluten.  Then…

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Coaching misconception No3 – «I’ve got to be perfect»

The desire to be perfect is quite a scourge that stops us from progressing in our health and wellbeing. Many clients admit having delayed their « yes » to coaching for this exact reason. Fears show up in many ways: « If I get coached, I’ll never be allowed to cheat anymore », « healthy cooking just looks too complicated,…

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