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Adaptagenic zero waste veggie broth

When I lived in London, I used to compost all my veggie and fruit leftovers. I can’t do that anymore here in Paris but in winter I continue to do this recipe invented by artist and writer Morgan Rae – it’s broth made from all those veggie scraps we don’t use: peelings, bits of celery, chores of fennel, onion ends, carrot greens, kale and cabbage hard stems, rough leek leaves – you know what I mean. I keep them in freezer bags and when I have a couple filled up, I put them in a large pot, add a few herbs like rosemary or thyme stems. And there, I turn them into a nourishing and healing brew.

Broth is a super digestible way of nourishing yourself with antioxydants, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying substances, vitamins and minerals. Adding adaptogens to it is a powerful way to give your renewing your body with vital, natural energy without asking it for huge digestion efforts!

Adaptogen plants

Adaptogens are plants used in bountiful ways in Asian and Indian medicine because of their healing and anti-aging powers. We liiiike : )

What makes them remarkable is that they have the power to adapt to the specific needs of the body at any given time. They could increase OR decrease blood pressure depending on the immediate need for example. And where they are genius in our daily life is that they act quickly on our nervous system to rebalance it (to have the body find its inner equilibrium called “homeostasis”). That means that when the body is under stress wherever that’s coming from – the environment, too much pressure, a weakened immunity…., an adaptogen is capable of normalizing the body’s functions real fast.

How adaptogens slow aging down

The more our body is subject to stress, the quicker it ages. The impact of too much adrenaline and cortisol is considerable! Stress is one of the reasons why our telomeres shorten too fast. Have you heard of telomeres? Visualise them like the plasticized endings to your shoelaces – see them? Well, telomeres are right at the end of our chromosomes and science has shown that the longer they were, the more our body was vital and young. And to keep those nice and long for as long as possible, the impact of our lifestyle choices is ENORMOUS. You’ll probably have guessed but anything that reduces STRESS is going to be a major contributor to loooong telomeres!

That’s where adaptogens come up.

Adaptogens work by helping the body not react to stressors in too big a way. So, they help reduce our body’s stress levels by acting directly on our nervous, endocrine and immune systems. Basically, on the one hand they’ll calm down anxiety and stress and on the other, they’ll act like wonderful tonics helping retain good vital energy AND helping the body detoxify too.

I’m sure you get it – adaptogens have a wondrous effect on your energy, your mood AND your looks, yeah!

I like the wide choice offered by the Sun Potion brand. You’ll find a few of the ones I use in the broth below. That said, my favourite product of theirs is Yin Power. Not cheap that’s true but in this one product you get to eat a minimum of 7 of these powerful medicinal plants. You only need a teaspoon a day, so the jar lasts a long time.

Ingredients & instructions

  • Fill a large crockpot or pot with filtered water and add your veggie scraps.
  • Bring to a boil and simmer on as low as possible for minimum 2, up to 4 hours if you can. That way the water will be totally infused with vitamins and minerals.
  • At the end of cooking, sieve the lot by pressing all the liquid out of the solid which you’ll throw away afterwards (in the compost if you can!)
  • If you want to make it even more healing add whichever powdered herbs you choose. Mushroom like Reishi are very powerful. Ashwaganda also called Indian ginseng is an energy booster especially in wintertime and tocos from rice bran boosts your skin’s glow whilst making the broth creamier. Of course, feel free to explore any other herbs!
  • Once herbs are dissolved cool the broth. You can use it immediately of store it in pots in the freezer (careful to only them glass ones up to 2/3 only as the liquids will expand)

You can drink this adaptagenic brew as is or add to it a bit of lemon juice if you so desire. You can also drink it outside of meals instead of your herbal teas and coffees!

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