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Naturopathic Nutrition


It’s the Naturopathic Nutrition principles that first revolutionised the beliefs I had about health, digestion, skin and what truly happens in disease and in body detoxification.

To enjoy good health and a beautiful skin, improving our digestion is essential; A proper digestion, together with a few other health enhancing factors has a regulatory effect on the hormonal system – and this is capital for any skin free from acne or sensitivity!

You may be surprised to find out that food intolerances are also a biggie in skin glow and that can literally spoil your good efforts.  Contrarily to allergies, which can cause immediate debilitating symptoms, food intolerances tend to be sneakier.

They can trigger inflammatory reactions within the body that manifest in diverse symptoms such as migraines, arthritic joints, thyroid issues, hormonal trouble leading to monthly period pain for example.

These intolerances can also lead to faster skin ageing and reactions on our skin (our largest organ of elimination by the way) like crazy itching, acne spots, eczema, early wrinkles, skin slackening or loss of definition to the contours of our face.

Making sure you enjoy a healthy digestion is my ultimate aim. My experience in both Eastern and Western ancestral wisdoms plus the results of your bioresonance test give us many clues as to what is going on AND will help us decide on your best healing path.



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